Building 1/18 scale resin Russian T-34/76. II

We all know when spray the flat coat paint on surface that comes up super flat result, that I love to add the oil paint and mix relative color tone on it to show the nature effect on the tank, that the same way of colloid from oil paint apply over the flat paint that give the rich look on the exterior.
The oil paint has great ductility then the model paint, which the disadvantage is need few days to dry.
我們都了解當噴上消光色系在模型上會呈現粗平光表面, 我習慣以油畫顏料疊上消光模型塗料, 油畫顏料本身的膠質能均勻覆蓋在上並且能混出自然的相關色系, 可以讓模型表面呈現更豐富的色澤.
油畫顏料有很棒的延展性但是它需要幾天的時間乾, 這相對需要耐性!

I spray flat black all the road wheel as primer. I cut the card paper in the round shape as metal road wheel size that I cover on it then spray the XF-26 on both side of them that leave the black as rubber tire.
將陸輪黏上後全都噴上黑色底漆. 切了剛好可以覆蓋上路輪的金屬部分的紙板, 在兩側噴上XF-26, 留下外圈橡膠部分即可.