Building 1/18 scale resin Russian T-34/76. III

The track links is the most attractive parts of tank; I always enjoy assembling them piece by piece and then having fun to play with it. If the tank without the track links that I’ll say it is not the beast!
The resin track links also need to clean the parts then joint them with steel pin. I apply Gunze dark iron on them; then I used tissue wipe out to show the metal look.
履帶是坦克最吸引人的部分; 我喜歡一片片組合後玩一下可動的履帶. 如果坦克沒了履帶就稱不上是野獸了!
樹脂履帶也是需要清模邊接著以細鐵條穿過並連接每一片. 以郡士的黑鐵色塗上所有的履帶再以紙巾擦拭自然露出金屬感.

The charcoal pastel is what I used for dust effect which I’ve obtain the powder from yellow sand、gray and a bit of white charcoal pastel then mix with Tamiya acrylic thinner to become viscous liquid that can be attachment at the surface. Used tissue wipes out the surface gently when pastel dry completely.
粉彩一直是我用來製造塵土效果的材料, 也就是將粉彩條磨出的粉混色後加入田宮壓克力溶劑攪拌後變成稠狀時就能直接塗上表面. 乾了後的粉彩表面以紙巾輕輕擦拭掉過多的部分即可呈現自然塵土效果.

The road wheels and track links are in position after dust effect completed.