Building 1/18 scale resin Russian T-34/76. IV

Well, the track links is not enough length to connected, which is about 0.3mm gap that I used paper clip as connector both end of track link and then drill two hole at body to insert the paper clip which can be hold well both track links.
美中不足的地方就是履帶長度差了0.3mm就能順利連接, 在車身引擎外側鑽2個小洞剛好可以插入迴紋針, 將迴紋針折成ㄇ字型各插入履帶各兩頭尾端一節, 再將ㄇ型最末端固定在小洞裡即可.

I’ve add a tool box on the right side, that could be two tool box on the right but I’m try not to affect soldier’s posing so I decided to make one only.
在戰車右側斜板上加了個工具箱, 應該是2個排列而我只選擇做一個; 原因是不想影響到坐在戰車上的士兵.

Here is my free hand for letters and numbers in Russian characters "ЗА РОДИНУ!" which is "for motherland", because there is impossible to find the right scale decal for tank.
用手寫的俄文”為了祖國”, 畢竟也找不到剛好的水貼紙.