Scratch build 1/6 G-41

Recently been working lot of 1/18 scale figure series, that some of the 1/6 project had been temporary hold for about 2 month. The 1/6 German G-41 semi- automatic rifle project had been half way through since middle of April. It’s time to complete the G-41 prototype that I hope the rifle will sell well.

Gewehr 41
*Semi-automatic rifle
*In service 1941- 1945
*Cartridge 7.92x57mm Mauser
*Action Gas- operated
*Rate of fire 20 to 30 rounds per minute
*Effective range 400 m
*Feed system 10-round non-detachable magazine

G41(W) rifles were produced at two factories, namely Walther at Zella Mehlis, and Berlin Luebecker. Walther guns bear the AC code, and WaA359 inspection proofs, while BLM guns bear the DUV code with WaA214 inspection proofs. These rifles are also relatively scarce, and quite valuable in collector grade. Varying sources put production figures between 40,000 and 145,000 units. Again, these rifles saw a high attrition rate on the Eastern front.

*I’ve cut the 5 pieces of 1/6 scale print paper of G-41 stick them on 1.2mm styrene sheet, then cut the shape off from styrene sheet. I leave the room for magazine use at the middle that the rifle outline and shape curving were done by knife.

*I used the bolt part from Dragon G-43, but it needs to fix the correct details to fit G-41.

*The metal and 0.1mm styrene sheet for the parts of rifle.

*Complete G-41

*After spray 1200 putty look and the bayonet is necessary need for the rifle.
I took the bayonet from Dragon Kar-98 that the scabbard connect to the rifle needs to fix to fit well.


Great job, can't wait to see the final product.
Thanks,I'm waiting the casting back someday.