1/18 scale German tank crew WIP

This is the working in process of 1/18 scale German tank commander torso,it fit for 21st Tiger tank and Force of Valor Tiger tank I supposed.
這是正在進行中的1/18德軍坦克指揮官,這人型適合搭配21世紀虎型坦克及FOV 虎型坦克(應該是沒問題!)

Here is more update for the process.I've fix the mistake parts of tank commander to SS,which cut off the eagle badge from right chest and fix the waist belt to the right shape,the loader body has done.

The loader arms have completed, that they are in the position! Now go for the head.
完成填裝手的手臂並讓他們就位! 接著頭的製作.