The club for toys!

This is the new mood to me, when I've move my collection to the show room from my flat! Honesty, my daughter need a room and I need to move everything out! The show room had been made decision very quick with few hobbyist which we are sharing the rent every month, I knew the show room kinda shop look but most of the stuff are not for sale; But if you really like to have it that still be available! The show room is open for chat and fun about military action figure, so it kinda like club I supposed. I design the logo that is similar to WWII nose art, there are three personal logo places under the drawing. Address: B-1 Shop A-33 No 2, Lane 609, Sec 5, Chong-Xing Rd. Sunchong Dist, New Taipei City 24159 Taiwan 一個全新的心情在近期出現,就是將大部分的模型玩具收藏搬出家裡;也因為小朋友需要個房間而必須犧牲啦!!很快的決定租下一個商場裡的店,也跟幾位同好以分租的方式租下.店裡很多都是收藏品而非商品! 其實這個空間像是聊些兵偶的地方,像是俱樂部. 我畫了個以二戰機鼻藝術為本漫畫當成logo,而下方的圖案則是我們個人的logo. 地址: 24159 新北市三重區重新路5段609巷2號 B1. A-33