1/6 Mosin-Nagant carbine

Here is my new item coming up very soon"Mosin-Nagant carbine M1944". This carbine was introduced into service in late 1944 (with 50,000 service-test examples produced in 1943) and remained in production until 1955. Its specifications are very similar to the M1938, with the unique addition of a permanently affixed, side-folding cruciform-spike bayonet. A groove for the folded bayonet is inlet into the right side of the stock. These were in use not only by the Soviet Union, but also its various satellite nations.Many of these were counterbored post-war.莫辛那干卡賓開始服役於1944年末, 並持續生產直到1955年.總體來說M1944與M1938非常接近,尤其是可折收在右方的槍刺.這款短管莫辛那干並不只用於蘇聯軍隊,而是被廣泛使用在許多國家,多數的M1944一直使用到冷戰時期. The Mosin-Nagant base from DML,I've cut the barrel then added the bayonet support at the barrel.The bayonet can be the fixed bayonet and folding position.The carbine casting in resin.
The painted Mosin-Nagant carbine. 上好顏色的莫辛納干卡賓
The casting folded bayonet in different position. 在不同的位置的樹脂槍刺.

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The Completed Mosin-Nagant  carbine


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