1/6 M1917 Enfield

Here is my another up coming item, the M1917 Enfield (short version). The short version were supplied to the Nationalist Chinese Forces to indigenous forces in the China-Burma-India theater during WWII.The prototype created by Tony Barton that I have the authorize by TB to modify short version for Chinese Nationalist Army WWII.

I've cut the length of rifle and the butt. Add the function buckle, scratch build the bayonet and scabbard by 1.2 mm styrene sheet.

另一款即將完成的二戰步槍M1917 (短版)恩菲爾德, 這款步槍曾使用在國軍緬印戰線. 原型由人形大師Tony Barton 製作, 經由他本人同意, 將之改為短版型以適合國軍題材使用.

將槍身前部及槍托切短, 自製可動槍背帶環; 以1.2mm改造版自製刺刀及刺刀鞘.

                   Here is the completed painted work + sling + bayonet + scabbard