PVA in Korea War 1951 "WIP"

Here is my new figure that the subject is really match to one of my recent custom of Mosin-Nagant carbine M1944. I've planning to make another PVA since 2008; First the interesting parts is Japan Infantry WWII ammo pouch from the drawing what I've found. Second is the Chinese version of short fabric shoes with khaki fabric lagging which for ankle protection.
這是第二個從2008年的志願軍到剛完成的新作品"韓戰人民志願軍 1951年", 這次題材確實是為了搭配自製的莫辛那干卡賓而製作的. 找到的插畫及圖片讓我感到無比的興趣再玩一次這個題材. 第一是二戰日軍制式的皮製步槍彈包. 二是真實圖片裡的加了類似綁腿的中國式布鞋.

I used Soldier Story LeiFeng head for this PVA, I simply used oil paint repainted the face. The body from HotToy slim body (chocolate) that I had the sponge to emphasized the belly, butt, thigh.
頭雕是取自於Soldier Story 出品的"雷鋒", 以油畫顏料塗過. 素體取自於Hottoy的苗條巧克力素體(較適合當時的東方人體型).

The WWII Russian padded jacket and trousers are from DID products, that I bleach the padded jacket into light tone color as part of the fabric weathering, that looks bit worn. Next the water color for fabric dark shade weathering, that needs to keep fabric at least 50% moist which easy for water color permeate into fabric, then dress on the body and have the curve posing to hold the wrinkle naturally.
以DID 出品的二戰蘇軍棉衣及褲子為素材, 將衣料放進漂白劑裡漂白後以水彩做深度舊化處理, 也就是讓水彩顏色滲入布料而呈現自然顏色的變化, 這步驟必須使衣料保持至少50%的濕度. 在濕的狀態時穿上素體保持並彎曲的狀態讓衣料的皺褶自然呈現.

The canteen is from my spare custom since 2008, there are casting in resin! Pretty straight forward to add the belt, painted and weathered.
水壺也是2008年製作PVA 剩下的物資, 都是樹脂翻製品, 直接上色+ 加上細節+ 舊化+ 織帶即可.
The Chinese fabric shoe are from Soldier Story Nationalist Army, that I'm add the khaki legging which part of the shoes, the khaki legging front needs shoelace to tie. This is the fun part of the subject to me!
中國式的布鞋是取自於Soldier Story 的國軍散件, 加了像綁腿的卡其部位, 這像綁腿的部位其實是跟布鞋是一體的, 這款鞋子也是讓我引起興趣的地方!

I used 1cm tape for the puttee, the 0.3mm tape x 2 sawing at the end of 1cm tape as to hole the puttee, then I dip the tape to acrylic color XF-57.
我以1公分寬的織帶為綁腿, 並以0.3mm 織帶縫在1cm 織帶的末端用來作為綁帶, 直接將織帶浸入稀釋的壓克力漆XF-57即可.

The base is pretty much same way from what I do before, the only thing is that I adding the baking soda powder as snow. The basic material for base are: solid form + water base putty + a stone + cheap broom as  glass + silicon gun ( glue the glass) + Tamiya acrylic XF-60 and XF-1
簡易地台製作的方式一直沒變, 這次不同的是加了蘇打粉當作是雪. 主要材料是珍珠板 + 水補土 + 石塊 + 便宜的掃帚(做草用) + 矽膠槍 + 田宮壓克力XF-60及XF-1.





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