GAMA man for GAMA day

I'm get involved the "creating GAMA man project! I'm planning to armor the character that I destroy a Franklin die-cast "Sherman" tank,which a pair of bogie had been taken form the kit. The workable track link is most beautiful parts for this GAMA man!! 

The a pair of bogie had connected a piece of styrene sheet and round rod through body.

I've cut 2 section of sytrene tube as weapons, that the tube penetrating through the gap of styrene sheet.

Found a wrecked material as firing arms base. The muzzle set was found from Gundam parts.

The body & bogie were painted orange (Mr.hobby), the track link & armor were painted with iron metal.
The effect were used Mr.hobby iron metal dry brush at the edge of bogie, body and head, which is my favorite effect color. The back had add two soft tube connect body and armor box that looks more mechanical sensitivity. I've add a 0.5mm tube at the right side of head.

Almost done the robot GAMA man, I final add the lens by transparent sheet in the tube of head.

Completed look!

The robot really match to 1/18 scale action soldiers, have fun!!