KettenKrad weathering

Being collected a well done 1/6 KettenKrad from DID, have an project for it that its time to bring it up for weathering. I dry brush with Mr.hobby Dark iron for the vehicle to show the paint chip part. 拿出收藏許久的KettenKrad 做舊化效果, 乾掃黑鐵色在車體局部顯示掉漆部位.

Apply the decal for panels and gear stick. 上水貼在儀表上, 這必須先查資料才不會出差錯的!

Dry brush the road wheels and track links. 乾掃黑鐵色在路輪及履帶上.

Dry brush the interior! 乾掃座位裡頭!

Apply number plate decal. 上水貼在號碼牌上.

Spray acrylic paint overall track links as dust effect. 在履帶及路輪上噴上塵土效果.

Fix WL to WH.將WL改成WH.

Rub the acrylic paint with acrylic thinner at track link surface which the area touch the ground. 在履帶表面以壓克力溶劑輕輕擦拭掉邊緣部位, 也就是接觸地面磨損效果.

Done! 完成!