1/6 George Patton (WIP)

Here I'm attempting to sculpt General George Patton in 1/6 scale, there are few shots that I can found from the website, another challenge work though! 嚐試塑1/6 的巴頓將軍頭雕, 在有限的資料圖的情況下是另一種挑戰.

From rough to about 40% progress rate. 從粗胚到40%的進度!

This is about 95% progress! I've reduce the clay of mouth area, adding the skin texture and winkles coz GP age were about 58~60. Here is before the final stage which need to wash by enamel thinner over it to smooth the texture.
這差不多是95%的階段! 將嘴巴的部位切除些黏土掉, 加上皮膚的質感及皺紋, 這時的巴頓年齡大約是58~60之間. 這是在最後步驟前, 最後會是以油性溶劑塗上表面來修飾刻紋.

Here is completed GP head after baked. 烘烤後完成的巴頓頭雕!

Here are the pictures show the casting head pulling from silicon mold.這步驟是將灌注完成的頭雕從矽膠模裡拔出來!