1/6 Marcel Bigeard WIP

Marcel "Bruno" Bigeard (14 February 1916 – 18 June 2010) was a French military officer who fought in World War II, Indochina and Algeria. He was one of the commanders in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu and is thought by many to have been a dominating influence on French 'unconventional' warfare thinking from that time onwards. He was one of the most decorated soldiers in France, and is particularly noteworthy because he rose from enlisted as Second Class, the lowest possible rank, in 1936 and ultimately finished his career in 1976 with the rank of Lieutenant General.

Here is a bit of process, I fix the head shape+ nose+eyes position and adding ears. 做了些進度, 修了頭的外型+改了鼻子+眼睛位置修改+加上一對耳朵.

The baked completed Marcel Bigeard head sculpt.

Cast few resin head sculpt, try to do a completed General MB.


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weylen Tseng寫道…
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