Private, New 1st Army; northern Burma,1944

Formed from the Chinese Army in India, particularly the New 38th Division, the New 1st Army was among the top five nationalist crack units (The other four included New 6th Army, Reorganized 11th Division (army-sized, formerly known as the 18th Army and later reverted to its original designation), Reorganized 74th Division (army sized, formerly known as the 74th Army), and the 5th Army.

After the New 38th Division under Sun Li-jen and New 22nd Division under Liao Yao-hsiang retreated to India from Burma in the first phase of the Burma Campaign, the two divisions obtained American equipment and training at Ramgarh, India.

The New 1st Army was formed in February 1943 at Ramgarh with the three divisions: the New 38th, the New 22nd and the New 30th. General Qiu Qingquan was appointed its commander, but was soon replaced by general Cheng Tung-kuo. Sun Li-jen served as the deputy commander but had taken over tactical controls since the beginning of the second phase of the Burma Campaign.

During the Chinese Civil War, the New 1st Army was deployed in northeast China to fight against Communist Party of China military units under Lin Biao and saw much successes in the early battles.[1] However, after some time, Sun Li-jen made enemies with important members of the KMT party and was dismissed as commander. This dealt a huge blow to the New 1st army and begin suffered heavy losses. The N1A saw their last action in effort to relieve the KMT controlled city of Jinzhou in which the entire army was literally wiped out. Due to this army's group uneasy history with both the KMT and communist party of China, their successes are rarely talked about both on the China mainland and Taiwan.

Head- custom
Body- HT (old)
Hands- TTL
M1 helmet- DML (painted KMT symbol)
Shirt- DML
Button-neck pullover, webbing set, trouser – BBI
backpack- DML
Leggings- 5.0 mm type (dye)
Enfield M1917 short- Convert from “Tony Barton” M1917 standard
Bayonet and scabbard- custom
Base- custom 


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