Visiting TAMIYA (Shizuoka model show)

Very impressive that I visited TAMIYA at Shizuoka which the most scale model manufacture thrive city after WWII, Shizuoka city used to be wood collecting center after the war, the model manufacture were used wood mold by the time, and then instead by vinyl since late 50'. The visiting bring out lots of memory when I did the TAMIYA modelling.

                      The Kubewagen had park at the front yard.

                BSA motorcycle

                MUTT-151 at the front yard

               The early age of box art

                         Panther tank
             The one of my favorite box art
                Show room, wow...........

             1/6 scale motorbike series

            I don't build ships, but I do love the old box.

                    Wood model

            I'm sure those are 40'

                 1/16 scale

                 I love this Sherman

                  TAMIYA trade mark history
              Model contest magazine!! I do have few of them

           TAMIYA new products for girls

              The 4 wheel drive playground at roof top.

                                          R/C playground

                  The shops

              Inject machine