54mm Yamamoto Isoroku

Haven't been doing small scale figure for long, that I have a chance to work on it for a client. Here is a 54mm metal Yamamoto Isoroku with a square deck base. This is a small piece figure from what I use to do 1/6 figure normally. I use file take care all the mold line, at the bottom of shoe needs to drill a hole and stick on a section of paperclip to set the figure stabilizing.很久沒有塗小比例模型, 剛好有個機會幫朋友塗山本五十六金屬人形, 習慣做1/6 之後覺得54mm實在好小. 先將分模線以銼刀磨去, 在鞋底鑽洞並黏上一小段迴紋針用來固定人形在甲板上.

Spray the figure with metal surface primer before paint work, the acrylic paint as base then spray Mr.hobby flap base that the rest tone are used oil paint. 在上色前必須噴上金屬底漆, 以壓克力漆打底色, 乾後再噴上消光保護漆,  最後人形的不同色調全都以油畫顏料處理.