G.I.Ops "Cigar Baby" Hobby Club figurine

This is the G.I.Ops Hobby Club art work, I always love the nose art of WWII that I catch the style to created this Logo. Now I'm trying to make this little boy become a actual figure. Stay tune!
自製的G.I.Ops俱樂部象徵人物"雪茄男童", 即將把他變成立體人形!

The scratch build M1 helmet by Modelcrack Epoxy Putty for cigar boy!

After polished M1 helmet look. 打磨之後的M1頭盔!

*Place the helmet on position. 最喜歡將頭盔放上頭.
*Legs are separated design, boots are added after.

 The mini 30.cal had made by plastic plate, plastic rod and putty.

Few casting cigar boy has back at 8th October, I have to complete one of the cigar boy attending AFV opening competition at 19th October.