2013.10.19 AFV model opening competition

This is the second year of opening competition which host by AFV model, the competition located at Taipei suburb that the warehouse belonging to AFV boss, one hour drive from Taipei city and lots of green around! A days model competition brought people from every corner at Taiwan, that feel the passion of hobby from these big boys. Anyway, its fun for the activity! 這是戰鷹模型舉辦第二年的模型展, 一樣是位在瑞芳曾先生的倉庫, 風光明媚, 天氣也很棒! 一天的活動可以感覺得到大家來自台灣各角落喜好模型的朋友的熱情. 

1/16. 1/24 R/C tanks booth setting at outdoor. 1/16. 1/24 遙控坦克的攤位設在外頭最合適不過!

1:1 reenactment group has participated the show, they are the great source for small scale modeler. The modeler hardly to see real uniform, equipment, weapons and gears. People love to close look at the detail of 1:1 reenactment. The most impressive is the Pak-40 anti-tank gun were scratch-build by Joseph Chen, who used plank and water pipe to become Pak-40. 二戰重演團體也是第二次參與盛會, 這次出現了Pak-40 德軍反坦克炮, 這是由Joseph Chen 以木板及水管變成的大砲. 玩小比例模型很難得能在現場看到1:1 的實品及真品, 這也是非常好的機會讓他們參考.

The two friends are participated reenactment group, the 1:1 British Vickers MG & PIAT anti-tank projector custom by Deryk Walker (dress British summer uniform with Tommy helmet), Michael is president of FEPOW(Far East prisoners of war) at Taiwan, who always love to joint the model activity. 這兩位來自美國及加拿大的朋友也是模型熱愛者, 圖裡的1:1 維克斯機槍及PIAT英軍反坦克發射器是由Deryk Walker製作, 來台灣認識這群二戰重演的朋友而熱絡參與相關活動.

This is fun parts of activity! AFV preparing 4 big card board box of wasted model spure. Every modeler spent 100 NT dollars to get a big plastic bag then pick up anything inside the card board box which fill up the bag. I do enjoy the waste spure pick up!! Great time indeed!

The entries model work!! 參與比賽的模型作品

The end of the day that we were about to leave, I won the third price of figure category.  活動結束準備離開, 拿了人型類組第三獎!