burdo65 1/6 figure website

Here is the 1/6 scale artist "burdo65" who has set up his own website which show his fantastic WWII subject work and the right side of "Gallery of Artist" are the 1/6 artist from the world, everyone welcome to visit the website. The website please go through the right side of 1/6 figure connection category. 這個網站是一位1/6兵人創作家burdo65 剛架上的網站, 裡頭是burdo65個人作品以及幾位來自世界各地1/6兵偶創作家的作品, 各位可以在又側的1/6人型連結的項目裡點入參觀! 


Hi Weylen! I was wondering if it's possible to commission you for 1/3 scale shoes for an iplehouse male bjd in sid size? His inner foot length is 9.3cm and his widest part of the foot is 4cm.

Many companies do not make clothes for this specific size.

Please contact me at JepMZ.tumblr.com at the top left corner in the "ask me anything"
weylen Tseng寫道…
1/3 shoe!N...much bigger!