1/6 Modify Hanyang 88 rifle

Hanyang 88 was the Chinese rifle that was used by Chinese National Revolutionary Army during the second Sino-Japanese war. The name derived from the Hanyang Arsenal factory that made this rifle. The rifle had a bayonet attachment to use in close combat after a charge. The original kid from factory No.6 which 2 rifle a set that I took Postman rifle to go through Hanyang 88, coz the shape are close that need to fix some parts to achieve. 這款是漢陽88式步槍, 也是國民革命軍在抗日時期使用最廣泛的一款步槍, 漢陽的名稱即是由漢陽兵工廠製造的, 步槍也是有刺刀座及上刺刀的功能以利近戰肉搏用. 1/6原始模型是從Factory.6出品的Postman rifle 改造成漢陽88, 因為長度及形狀很付合.

The DML Mosin Nagant is good resource for the rifle component, I took the sight and clip carbine from Mosin Nagant. 威龍的莫辛那干是很好的補充材料, 取下了瞄準器及彈夾艙用.

The white parts were the AB putty parts.白色的部分AB補土.

The bolt parts needs to modify. 槍機的部分也必須修改!

The trigger bow needs to fix the shape, the styrene sheet is the material. 板機護弓也是需修整外型, 使用1.2mm膠板製作.

The bayonet clip is the 2.0mm styrene sheet, that required to file T shape. 刺刀座是2.0mm改造板磨成倒T型狀.

The bayonet is the three of 1.2mm styrene sheet for shank part. 刺刀柄需要3片1.2mm改造板黏合.