WWII Japs officer "India/ Burmese border"1944

Here is my latest work. The Imperial Japanese Army officer. In March of 1944 the 100,000 troops of Japanese 15th Army launched a determined offensive against the British position inside the India/ Burmese border. The head took from 3R products of Toshiro Mifune "Commander in chief of the combined fleet" item no-JP610, the uniform and gear were from item no- 021173 Japanese Army officer by BBI collectable. The boot from New Line Miniature products. As usual, entire uniform are weathered that the base is custom. 新作的兵偶作品, 日本帝國陸軍軍官, 背景是1944年10萬名日本陸軍第15軍於印緬邊界發起進擊英軍的戰事. 頭雕取自於3R的聯合艦隊的三船敏郎, 裝備與制服則取自於BBI , 這套已經是絕版品, 軍官靴則是NLM. 整體有舊化處裡過! 地台自製!

Here I did adjustment for the Japanese officer use sword as "charge" posing, the Japanese officer were not use pistol for charge, that the pistol were used for suicide usually. 二戰日本軍官通常都是以武士刀做衝鋒, 而非手持手槍衝鋒, 手槍通常是用來自殺用的.