1/6 action figure kitbash activity at G.I.Ops hobby club

The first 1/6 kitbash activity holding at 22th March by G.I.Ops hobby club, few senior collectors cleaned some of their old collection like DML & 21st Century parts, provided for rookie in great offer for fun, rookies learn how to dress up correct uniform and gear for variant soldiers. It's fun weekend!  3/22G.I.Ops俱樂部第一次舉辦軍偶素組活動, 讓老玩家能有機會出清收藏無數的舊散件, 同時也讓新手有便宜的機會享受素組軍偶的樂趣, 從活動中學習如何著裝不同時期及各國軍服及裝備. 好玩的周末!!