1/6 Resin Chinese rifle "Hanyang 88 "

Here are the replica of resin 1/6 Hanyang 88 rifle, these just back from my caster that the quality always superb. Now needs a bit time to do paint work and place on my shelf!Available now, the tag price is 19.00 USD each, included completed paint work + bayonet + leather sling. 剛回來的漢楊88式步槍, 品質一貫優質! 塗上幾把開賣!! 每把19.00美元, 完全上色+ 刺刀+皮件槍背帶.

Completed paint work! 完成的步槍上色!

I quickly did a kitbashed (soldier story) and added weathered figure to introduce the "Hanyang 88 rifle".用了2~3天的時間組了一個國民革命軍來介紹這個產品.


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