Future cooperation subject- Taiwan Railway engine

Visiting a Taiwan miniature railway engine manufacture at Kaoshiung today, I'll will be doing figurine for the railway engine which will be part of the collection item for railway fans. The railway engine are focus on the old time railway engine in Taiwan, all of the railway engine were import from US, Japan and Europe during 19' century and early 20' century.The scale railway engine are all about 1/24, their are all metal made plus soundtrack and smock effect, that can judge the speed when running! Very impressive the details. I'll be doing the old time Taiwan railway engine driver and co-driver or mechanic to match the railway engine.
拜訪了高雄的火車頭製造公司, 也是近期合作對象, 我主要是製作人型搭配火車頭, 也是未來的產品之一,火車比例約1/24, 全金屬製造, 做工非常細膩, 有聲效, 會冒煙, 可調節速度等功能! 相當令人印象深刻!!