1/16 R/C Tiger paint job

First 1/16 R/C Tiger paint job, this is my first client from R/C group. This Afrika crop Tiger needs weathering, that the prime color already apply from the owner. The TAMIYA products always super, the details like engine sound, gun fire sounds and the weights are impressive! 第一次接單舊化1/16搖控坦克"虎式", 田宮出品的實在沒話說, 從引擎聲, 火炮聲, 車重量都讓人想要一台!!

Dry brush the bare metal color at the shape and joint line area. 以乾刷的方式在尖銳處及接合線塗上.

Spray the color as primer to gentle the bare metal dry brush touch. 噴上跟底色一

The client apply the primer on tanker, that I increase the tone to look better. 人形用簡易的色差加強立體感.