1/18 OURWAR WWII articulate soldiers

These are my new toys! They are 1/18 scale articulate action figure, since 21st, Unimax and BBI disappear from the world. The Hiya Toys from China made a new series 4 inches WWII German Wehrmacht action figure. The first series are 6 figure a set, which included a Commander, a Submachine gunner, a machine gunner, a Assistant gunner, a Rifleman-A, a Rifleman-B. All about 13 joints at each figure, for this size is good enough, I quite like these figures.這是我的新入手玩具, 1/18可動小兵, 也是從21世紀, Unimax, BBI 消失後的第一個來自大陸的品牌Hiya Toys, 這系列是OURWAR 二戰系列德國國防軍, 6 個一套包含有指揮官, 衝鋒槍兵, 機槍兵, 機槍兵助手, 步槍兵A, 步槍兵B. 每個小兵都有13個可動關節, 以這個尺寸來說是很不錯的了, 質量相當不錯!

21st Wehrmacht on the left, OURWAR on the right. 左邊的是21世紀, 右邊的是OURWAR

One thing that I don't like is the helmet, what a terrible shape of  German helmet! I did 1/18 scale German helmet couple weeks ago for Acid rain, that now it's good time for these Wehrmacht. 這套德軍最讓人看不順眼的就是頭盔, 醜到不行! 還好幾個星期前製作了1/18德軍頭盔剛好派上用場.

Check this out! 

 Here is before paint job.


I did few medic helmet version.