Acid Rain combination!

1/18 scale WWII is part of my main area, the German helmet M35 that can be fit Acid Rain soldier perfectly. I used AB putty made a super thin 1/18 M35 helmet. Of course, the M35 fit 1/18 scale German soldier as well. The original model turn to resin casting products, that needs a bit paint work.1/18是玩了很久的比例, 剛好自製這款德軍M35 頭盔也可以搭配酸雨大兵, 我用AB補土製作超薄的M35頭盔. 當然, 這也可以給德軍帶完全沒問題, 接著以樹脂材質量產! 當然也需要上色的程序.

The left soldier is wearing M35 helmet, the right soldier is wearing M1 helmet.左邊大兵是帶著M35頭盔, 右邊則是帶著M1頭盔.

Brought a UNIMAX 1/18 scale M3A2 Bradley carrier tank, that I attempting to paint Acid Rain troops. 買了台M3A2布萊德雷運兵坦克來搭配酸雨軍.

Disassemble the parts! 拆開分件

Spray the primer. 噴底色 

Washed! 洗線

Spray chassis! 噴底盤

The green soldiers have ride! 綠兵們在演習中

Paint my own style! 畫上自己喜歡的標誌

The soldier wearing Fallschirmjager helmet, handmade for sure! 他們帶的是德軍空降兵頭盔! 自製品.

Here is match to Speeder MK.I, its a present mix future arm force looks.布萊德雷搭配猛禽MK.I, 感覺像是現代跟未來的搭配!

Here is the M35 helmet painted medic version looks. 這是塗上醫護造型的頭盔!