First try 1/18 to 1/48 scale

The new technology bring surprise via machine, recently I try my 1/18 scale custom figure shrink down to 1/48 scale, the machine is highly expensive which is not available for personal use. But its good to have chance to meet 3D printer company who will like to help, but this technology for shrinking issue isn't that cheap, I have to check on my wallet though. The details are great after shrink! 第一次利用3D印表機將自製1/18人形縮小至1/48, 這等級的機器並非一般人能買得起, 等級非常高但是這個縮小過程也不便宜, 必須看看自己的荷包而為, 但是縮小後的精緻度相當漂亮, 確實有它的價值在.