Malaysia "Comic King" magazine

This is the recent Comic King magazine from Malaysia, which is 176 issue. The magazine included comic, and few toy designer that I've got interview via mail, the article are about how I love to do this job, how I start this and why I like this job, and some of my works pictures included. 這本是馬來西亞的第176期文創類漫畫王雜誌, 也是剛出爐的動漫雜誌, 內容也包含了相關玩具製作及創作的單元, 這期我被採訪, 分別安排在第080頁中的兩個版面, 內文是我如何開始這個工作, 為何熱愛這個工作及簡單的經歷介紹.