Clone myself via 3D printer

We all know the 3D printer are popular nowadays, there are many type of them, some are available me and you, but some can't afford to us. The quality of this products obviously is done by high grade machine, which is not available to everyone. So I spend the cost to try the modern tech. Two expression that I did for scanning, that the result turning good. 3D 列印現在非常流行, 不得不玩一下, 但是真的很貴!! 這不是一般人玩得起的玩意, 這種高級的3D列印機器產出的品質確實很有質感, 掃描時我用了兩個表情.

Well, I don't think I'll do another 3D printing next, that I did copy of myself in resin. Have fun! 不會再花錢繼續玩這個了, 只好自己複製囉!