KGB 1/6 Russian VDV Scout sets KGB-003

First did non WWII subject 1/6 figure, this is impressive products from KGB hobby, which mean KGB hobby will do whole series Russian special force series soldiers! The set are not included headsculpt and body. Looking forward to future products. 第一次玩非二戰題材軍偶, 因為大部分都是美軍題材, 太普遍了! 這個題材倒是讓我感興趣, 俄羅斯海軍藍白條紋T 一直是我最喜愛的衣服. KGB這系列的衣褲都加強了肌肉內襯, 用不著以海綿補強, 省很多事! 穿起來相當順暢!

The poor guy curl on the right is wearing wet suit, who have to wait till dry. The 1/6 fabric suit better moisten and rub then will appear natural wrinkle look.  右邊捲曲穿著濕濕的衣褲的可憐傢伙辛苦了! 他必須等到衣褲全乾才能脫掉, 1/6 衣服沾溼後再搓揉或穿上素體能弄出自然皺褶感.

Ya, it dry already.終於乾了! 抱著香蕉慶祝!

Very nice boot indeed! Love the shape and detail, this is most beautiful boot I've ever seen in 1/6 products. 靴型非常漂亮, 希望不會像DID 一樣自然破裂!!

Insert the foot into boots then plug on ankle joint. 先穿進足部, 再套進腳踝!

After moisten fabric looks better!浸濕過的衣褲看起來最自然!

Spray sand color on lower half of the boots! 在靴子的下半部噴上沙色!

The two VDV scout have different dress look, the right VDV have a bullet proof vest on, the vest is not included in the set. 右邊的VDV穿了防彈背心, 背心不包含在這套裡面.

The camouflage took me couple hours to settle on the net cloth, lots of fun! 偽裝衣花了幾個小時才搞好但是很好玩!!

AKS-74U assault rifle repaint. AKS-74U重塗過.


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I like your works very much, especially shoes, they are amazing!
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