1/6 Sino-Japanese war Chinese pilots

This is one of my commission work for 70th anniversary of Sino- Japanese war, the fly suit can't find at market, I did follow the pictures made one for figure, quite lot of work for sawing.The fly helmet were used lamb skin leather sawing by hand. BBI G-1 is my favorite action body, special for Asian characters but it is hard to find, I try my best to dig from friends who doesn't like G-1 body.The parachute from DID, pistol is DML webley mark IV revolver,the Russian map case is DML, robber shoe is required from customer, the figure had fixed on stand which I stick the wire between them.近期的客製工作不斷, 主要是紀念抗戰70周年, 飛行服定製, 素體為絕版的BBI G-1素體, 相信這款已經沒啥人要, 所以從朋友手中挖出些G-1素體, G-1體型最合適亞洲角色, 傘具是DID, 手槍是DML韋伯利左輪槍, 俄式地圖帶, 塑膠靴也是客人指定以方便固定在木質地台上!