Chinese Nationalist Expeditionary Army "First new Army"

Another commission work for 70th Anniversary Sino-Japanese war, here are the 2 different soldier of First new Army.The First New Army was train by British at North India, that equipment with US & British gear and weapons. The one with flamethrower which I've seen first time. the other order by different customer who like to give it to his father in low, who was service at this unit during WWII, this is great dedication as gift. I fix TTL body shorter as Asian, then used my custom feet and custom straw sandal which request by customer.
另一個客製化兵偶也是給抗戰70周年的題材, 也是第一次看到使用美式噴火器的新一軍. 新一軍為英軍訓練的部隊, 同時裝備美英裝備及武器, 使新一軍戰力提升很多. 另一個新一軍為私人客製, 是非常有意義的禮物, 客人要送給他的岳父, 這位岳父曾經是新一軍戰士, 特別要求穿草鞋及中正式步槍, 也是這位老先生年輕時的裝備. TTL素體改小以適合亞洲人的體位. 這是個非常有意義的禮物!