Custom 1/6 photo etch buckles

I've been used ARMORPAX photo etch for long time, that I lack of my own need accessories for my 1/6 figures, I design what I need from software then output 0.5 mm copper photo etch. The set content 3 different type of buckles, which suit for gun sling  suspenders  backpack etc. The photo etch set starting to sell at ebay now.
使用ARMORPAX蝕刻套件有一陣子, 但是就是缺自己喜歡的種類也是最常用的扣環, 像是槍背帶環  裝備袋環  腰帶環等常常使用得到的, 自己畫了圖再轉作成銅片蝕刻片, 已經在ebay 發售中!