1/6 Chinese Nationalist mechanic Division WWII

Here is my latest work of Chinese Nationalist Division. Nationalist Army import amount of German vehicles and weapon before WWII broke out, the motorcycle and sidecar were part of them. My idea of this set of motorcycle team have a bit fun on the back seat soldier, which won't be boring when having fun for 1/6. 剛完成的1/6新作品, 國軍機械師摩托車隊, 後座的新兵讓他有點兒生手+緊張, 可以襯托趣味性!

I made a head for back seat soldier with scary expression, he's kinda newbie. 新作的頭雕表現新兵驚訝的表情.

The head base on acrylic paint, the tone and shading by oil paint. 

I used hard form for base structure, then apply water putty, wait to dry, spray sand color; Add straw with silicon gun, Apply natural dirt on the surface. Very simple and usual way that I did for the base.

The newbie need a goggle but I don't have any more, DIY is way! Cut two piece of plastic sheet with round shape, cut a piece of metal connecting two piece round shape, pin for the stripe holder.