Commission work of 1/18 scale Kubelwagon windshield and windows

The commission work that I'm doing now, which for 1/18 scale Kubelwagon windshield & windows. Ready a 1.0 mm transparent acrylic sheet and 1.0 mm styrene sheet for frame.
*Cut the proper size of transparent acrylic sheet to fit the position.
*Cut the stripe as frame from styrene sheet, then glue on the transparent sheet.
*Cut 4 short stripe as wiper and glue on right position.
*Paint the frame in German grey.
私人定做的1/18 德軍車擋風玻璃及窗戶製作, 使用1.0 mm 透明壓克力板及1.0 mm 改造膠板組合成的製作.

16 windows for 4 kubelwagon, same as windshield process then paint them in Khaki to match roof top color.