1/6 2nd Armored Division Motorcyclist

Here is my latest 1/6 work for Onesixthslaves forum year end competition 2015, the idea coming from Miniart box art. I took one of my collection of G.I.Joe Harley Davidson motorcycle as part of this subject. 為了2015年末的1/6 OSS論壇比賽活動而製作的新玩具, 構想是來自於Miniart的盒繪, 拿了收藏的其中一台軍用哈雷機車當作這題材的配角.

                              This is weathered Hasbro Harley Davidson before and after.舊化前後的孩子寶哈雷機車.

I used few piece of pine wood made the base for diorama.幾片松木作成的情景地台

Place the motorbike make sure the size for diorama base.放上機車確認位置及地型構想

Hard form good for ground material. 珍珠板非常適合做地景用

The grass made by broom, glue them on the ground with silicone glue gun then spray with acrylic paints.掃帚做成的草皮, 用矽膠槍黏著這些剪下來的掃帚非常牢固, 再用壓克力漆漸層噴上

Sprinkle the dust on the road era, then spray white glue + water mix on it.灑上外面取回來的土, 噴上白膠+水, 來回3~4遍.
Body from barrack sergeant, head is one of my custom head sculpt, uniform +Thomson sub+ helmet from DML, gear from DID, boots + puttee from NewLineMiniature. 素體barrack sergeant, 自製頭雕, 威龍戰鬥服+湯普生+頭盔, DID裝備, 皮靴+綁腿 NLM.


感受到戰場恐懼的氣氛,四面處戈,落單的士兵,危險可見 !
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