Coloring 1/6 Hasbro Harley Davidson

Again, I have fun with motorcycle. I collected few of Hasbro 1/6 military version Harley Davidson for long time, Now it coming to my next dio project. 1.I spray the water base olive drab over the motorbike but needs to remove the 2 leather bags. 2.Washed all over motorbike with oil. 3.Dry brush over motorbike with Humbrol olive color. 4.Spray the sand color on tires then spray the matt clear. 又拿摩托車來玩, 很久以前收了幾台孩子寶的軍版哈雷摩托車終於拿出來玩. 1.拆掉兩側包包再全車噴上橄欖色. 2.全車以油畫顏料洗漬過. 3.以漢寶漆橄欖色乾掃局部. 4.輪胎外圍噴上沙色再噴上消光保護漆.