Scratch build Flying tiger mascot in static model WIP

Flying Tiger is one of my love of aircraft mascot in WWII, I always love cartoon nose art or any mascot on the plane. Now I turn this 2D character drawing to 3D model by Super Sculpey. First I made metal wire as bone structure, then apply super sculpey on it. 這個AVG卡通吉祥物一直是我最喜愛的造型之一, 打算把這隻變成立體. 先用鐵絲做成骨架, 再以美國油土包上修型狀.

Separate the chin that will considering the casting issue later on, add the paw with AB putty and some parts of chin. 下巴分開做因為要考慮翻模的程序, 爪子及下巴些許部位以AB補土製作, 因為美國油土在細部是很脆弱的.

Took a waste stand, then add the Flying Tiger character on it with AB putty.Will fix the character later when putty dry.拿了個不要的檯子修一下就能當台座, 字體以AB 補土製作, 待乾後再修字!

I use file and sand paper fix fonts. 浮出的字型以銼刀及砂紙修整