1/6 Japanese correspondent- Kyoichi Sawada

Here is my latest work, Thanks for the idea from my friend "Hiroya Nakano", I like the subject about NAM but not the soldier with guns but camera, he was killed near the Cambodia- Vietnamese border in 1970. This is dedicated to Mr.Kyoichi Sawada.這件作品是已故的日本戰地記者"澤田教一", 1970年死於越南與柬埔寨邊界的戰場, 感謝中野先生提供的題材! 圖一的一家人逃難過河是他的代表作.

                                                                    Custom head


Fix the neck then place on body(DAMTOYS), weathered all uniform and gear (the set from wildwork NAM set).

                                        Making base by 5 piece wood.用5片松木作成的地台

1/4 corner for shore and grass, insert 2 screw to settle figure on base. 利用1/4的角落做出河岸及種植長短草.

Making water with clear resin, I add the clear green and a bit yellow acrylic paint in it, then pour in the base. 用環氧樹脂製作河水, AB劑混合後調入透明綠+少許黃, 倒入地台裡, 約2~3小時乾, 總共倒入3層, 最上面一層是清的樹脂, 在乾之前作出水紋!

Stick the wood skinning sheet on 4 side around the base. Transfer the letters on plastic bronze sheet.

                                                          Glue the plate on position

Scratch build camera box by clay + clip, apply Mr.masking sol as chip paint effect. Painted the black paint overall, tear the marking era off.

                                                                   Completed shots