Custom 1/18 scale Taiwan Railway figure

Another Taiwan railway figure work from last Co-partner, easy to handle from the picture, make sure the scale then use wire as structure, apply AB putty on it then wait till dry, this is good for holding the structure when sculpting.另一個新的鐵道人型, 很好掌握的角色. 先確認尺寸, 以鐵絲凹出身體支架, 左手分件; 再以AB補土補上包覆住鐵絲(如此也可減少油土的使用量).

Adding fold details at uniform and trouser.加上衣服皺紋.

Adding collar, pockets and shoe details. 加上領子, 口袋及鞋子細節.

Head done! 頭部完成

Adding service cap with AB putty, fix details after putty turn solid with knife, file and sandpaper.用AB補土製作盤帽待乾後用美工刀, 銼刀及砂紙打磨處理.

Completed shot! 完成圖