1/12 ? Rambo cute WIP

I started this cute Rambo recently, this figure attempting to match a unreleased egg plane (helicopter). Super Sculpey (grey) is the main material.近期製作Q版藍波可能搭配蛋機版的直升機, 美國土是主要材料.

Modeling AB putty for pocket & belt. 模型補土製作口袋及腰帶

AB putty for arms, I carve the arms with knife. AB補土製作手臂, 用美工刀刻出手臂形狀.

Polystyrene stick and tube for RPG, glue the right arm with RPG. 塑膠棒用來製作RPG, 將右臂黏上RPG.

Build another left arm at the right position instead original arm.做了支新的左臂調整正確位置.