1/6 Hamburger Hill 1969

This is my latest work for onesixslave forum competition, the idea from a old film "Hamburger Hill"at the last section that 101st keep continued attack the hill with big rain & muddy environment. Base on M-60 MG team crawl up the muddy hill .這件是剛完成的作品, 也是參加OSS論壇越戰題材比賽參賽作品. 這題材想法取自於電影"漢堡高地"最後一段101空降師持續攻上山頭及在大雨中泥寧陡斜的山坡上的情景.

Started carpenter work of few pieces of pine wood to created a base with tilt.用松木鋸出構想的尺寸, 釘釘黏黏將展示台成型!

Used 2~3 level of form as topography.使用1公分厚的珍珠板當地型, 3片的厚度及不同形狀的排列.

"Making toxin"! Used gas torch burned the shape,terrible smell in workshop. 用迷你火炬燒出自然的地形.

Spray sand color on it.  噴上沙色當底色

Try the feeling. 在前緣黏上木枝, 擺上素體看整體感覺.

Working on the MG team. 製作2人機槍小組

Try again the feeling. 隨時擺上看看感覺.

More work on the MG team.

Apply the wood decal sheet on base. 貼上木皮貼紙

I print the letters and stick it on the transparent sheet, then cut the letters off, ready to spray.