Making of 1/16 scale Seediq Bale diorama

Here is the new project that I'm working for now, which I'm heading to Hungary Model expo at 4/22, hope I can finish before the deadline. I love this comic book when publish around 1990~ 1991. The movie appear at 2012, base form the comic structure, hard to see a great movie of history sight of  local movie. The movie elegant parts are well done too, love all the scene set up and stunt from any section of this movie. I was scare to see aboriginal tattoo on the face when I was kid, that the comic and movie improve the knowledge about Taiwan aboriginal and respect their history since colonial period under Japanese Empire from 1895~1930. Here is the comic reference from my collection.現在正在進行的人型題材, 這次玩1/16人型也為了趕在4月底帶去匈牙利模型比賽做準備, 霧社事件漫畫在1991年出版就已收了一本, 相當喜歡, 很佩服作者邱先生長期住在部落裡考究及完成這本漫畫, 非常不容易! 2012年賽德克巴萊電影上映前已經迫不及待的等待這部電影, 很難得台灣會有這樣的電影, 戲裡的道具考究都相當細心, 讓人印象深刻! 記得小時候看到原住民在臉上刺青很害怕, 這部電影讓人了解及尊重當時原住民的歷史, 也是台灣歷史的一部分.

Very nice aboriginal costume reference from comic book, the author Mr. Chu were stay at the aboriginal tribe for couple years to achieve the great work in full drawing book.very impressive!

Here are the shots from movie "Seediq Bale",love the elegant details during that period at this movie which hard to see from local movie.

Here are some reference from Seediq Bale exhibition, the costume and gears are from movie,very helpful.

I started from actual size of simple sketch, then wire for structure.AB putty are the main material which attached on wire straight.

AB putty for body basic structure, I'll do rich shape first then starting to carve and trim them to right shape.

The face is more important area that I have to look more aboriginal people face to get the idea how I'm going to make the shape.

                                             Now I'm adding costume on two figures with same material, AB putty will need 2~3 hrs gradually dry, that can roughly make the shape then carve it easily when dry.

Making cloth wrinkles by carving knife. AB putty need wait complete dry that can use sandpaper or rasp work on it.

This is my old tech for rifle making, I used 2~3 2.0mm polystyrene sheet for rifle shape, the rest parts will combine metal tube and polystyrene tube as material.

Aboriginal knife also used polystyrene sheet, this is mighty tool for me.

Simply set the figures on the base look.Still more work to going on!

The backpack for dead people head when they hunting people, I used 1/6 British scarf as backpack that I glue the tape on the sides and cotton thread in it.

The last picture show how they used backpack from the film.

I think I made wrong rifle for figures, I did another one.

Making aboriginal knife with polystyrene sheet and wires.

Sculpting two dead people head.

                                              Completed diorama