Making 1/6 leather shoes

First trying to do 1/6 scale miniature shoes because I have received an designation from French friend;I’m taking this challenge to give it a try that see how would it be,I have lots of for this which I never did it before that I’m asking someone who knows about leather knowledge before I started,I also taking reference from Tony Barton tutorial which give the idea of how to making shoes.
第一次製作1/6人偶皮鞋也是因為法國玩家要求製作而嘗試製作;其實不知道能不能完成這的訂單而硬著頭皮撩下去也是我常做的事,不想太多囉!先收集相關資料比較切實.先是參考英國人偶大師Tony Barton的教學及詢問懂皮雕的人這方面的常識,當然最重要的還是自己動手了.

Here is where I'm trying to make German U-Boat shoes,the image was provided from French 1/6 hobbyist who intend to make this shoes.This is third times that I’ve been authorize to make 1/6 scale rare items.

1. The First requirement is for a last mould your shoe around;I make them form wood which I simply glue the two pieces of wood then cut into shape that I desire;Sandpaper for the entire shape.Remember the last mould size have to be smaller then actual size because leather thickness needs to be considering.

2. Cutting 2 pieces of tetragon and 2 pieces of rectangle leather;Soak them in water then cover on the wood mould with sculpting tool gently work it to fit over the front of the last.The stitch for holding position.

3. The 2 pieces of rectangle for the back;Wrap the back of the wood mould heel when wet,mark the shape with pen then cut it to the right shape.Again,the bottom part did the same way as second stage.

4. Sewing two parts together;Cutting the spare part into equal parts that there are ready for fold beneath.

5. Used fine artificial leather as inner soles coz it is thin;Folding the toothlike part to glue with soles.Used 2 mm cow skin as sole;another 2 mm for heel.

6. Punching lace hole and apply Gunze Mr. Masking as another gradation leather coz the miniature shape is too curve and small that it is not possible to make by real leather.I used Gunze Mr. Masking instead that looks good as shown,Last I painted with black acrylic.
第六,打出鞋帶的洞,以Gunze 遮蓋液塗上色的皮革部分;其實這部份的皮革很難以真品呈現,最終還是小比例的因素而另尋其他方式代替.倒是遮蓋液塗上時有些像橡膠的感覺,最後在塗上黑色壓克力漆即完成.


偉兄 遮蓋液可能不是個好主意喔
其實遮蓋液就是稀釋的latex 很容易劣化
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